Introduction of mini e bike
 Jul 29, 2019|View:23

In recent years, mini e bikes are becoming larger, heavier and faster while facilitating life, and some of the indicators are seriously exceeding the standard. Many mini e bike have a maximum speed of over 40 km/h and a full weight of over 70 kg. The performance of these products meets the standard of electric mopeds. Traffic safety accidents occur from time to time, resulting in a large number of casualties and strong public response.

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The State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration and the National Standardization Management Committee have approved and issued 390 national standards, covering public safety, social and livelihood, and improving product quality. Among them, the newly revised mandatory national standard of "Technical Specification for Safety of Electric Bicycles" has adjusted and improved the technical requirements of maximum speed, vehicle quality and bicycle riding capacity, so as to ensure the "travel safety" of the masses.

Among them, it is stipulated that mini e bike shall have bicycle riding capacity, maximum design speed not exceeding 25Km/H, vehicle quality (including batteries) not exceeding 55Kg, motor power not exceeding 400W, and nominal battery voltage not exceeding 48V.

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