Classification of Dual motor e-bike
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There are two sets of motors for Dual motor e-bike: the economy unit (9-tube controller 250W motor) and the speed unit (12-tube controller 350W motor) only work on the flat road, one of which saves power and the other two groups work on the uphill.

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Its functions are as follows:

1: Mileage King: dual motor e-bike usually use larger motors to climb a hill, but this is quite short in power consumption and mileage. When there are too many people, bad road conditions, too many start-ups, and the speed of the car can not advance at full speed, there is no need for high-power discharge at all. At this time, the economic gear of the car (250W motor with 9-tube controller) can be turned on. It can achieve the required speed and strength. This saves electricity compared with ordinary electric cars on the market. Achieve further mileage.

2: Speed King: When there are fewer people and the road condition is good, it can open the fast gear of the car (350W motor with 12 tube controller). Speed can reach 40-50 yards per hour. Therefore, no matter the economy gear or the fast gear, it saves power than the 500W motor 12-tube controller on the market.

3: Climbing King: When the slope is more than 25 degrees, two sets of motors can be opened at the same time. Its power is far from 1 + 1 = 2. The climbing ability is far from other electric cars on the supermarket.

4: Insurance King: In the use of motor, controller, circuit and other problems. It can turn on another system of the car and drive as usual. Avoid the trouble of pushing carts and rushing to repair them.

5: Value King: Two motors, two controllers, so one is equal to having two cars at the same time. The performance-price ratio is far superior to that of general dual motor e-bike.

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