The battery maintenance skill of city e-bike​ in winter
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The battery maintenance skill of city e-bike in winter

With temperatures plummeting in the winter, many of the same things happen to electric bikes in cities:

The battery maintenance skill of city e-bike in winter

"riding an electric bicycle to work, half way electric bicycle suddenly 'malfunction' " ; "An electric bike that used to be charged once has to be changed to run twice. " "It used to run more than 10 kilometers in the morning, and in the afternoon it can run about 5 kilometers again. But now the electric bicycle runs more than 10 kilometers in a morning, and the electric bicycle has not enough electricity."And so on reports. Many people said that at first thought that the battery was broken, but the city e-bike to the repair shop to check, but found that everything is normal!

It turns out that today's electric bikes use Lead acid battery as their power source, and that the energy stored by the Lead acid battery is proportional to the temperature. So when the temperature drops, the battery stores less electricity, not more. At 25 °C, the battery can be used normally. Below 25 °C, the range will be relatively short, which is a common phenomenon. But more is facing the midwinter's arrival, the test electric bicycle performance good time will also come along with it! So, the question came, electric bicycle "winter" technology, which is strong? "The battery is a key factor for consumers when they choose an electric bicycle in winter, " said an expert from One World International. "Be sure to choose more carefully. There are no signs of deformation, cracks or leakage on the surface. Also, pay attention to the brand identification of the battery, to see if the internal and external labels are consistent. Try to choose a recent date of delivery, or choose a well-known brand. This is more secure and safe. "

1. to the battery charging time can not be too long, over-charging will lead to a long-term battery heat, accelerate the rate of battery scrap. Theoretically, after a complete discharge, battery charge in accordance with the 0.1 nominal rate (battery standard charge) , 10 hours can be filled, take into account the efficiency of the charger and battery depreciation factors, general charging time between 10 hours to 12 hours, the limit should not exceed 16 hours. Many people have a misunderstanding that the charger is intelligent charging, how to charge does not matter, so long time to open the charger, which not only damage the charger, but also damage the battery.

2. The number of rechargeable batteries is limited, a good battery theory can reach about 1000 times, the General Electric Bicycle Battery can charge about 300 times good. Therefore, try to use up the power in the case of recharging to extend the battery life. In addition, do not over-discharge, storage batteries often seriously under-voltage, will also lead to accelerated scrap, the new generation of controllers are under-voltage protection, the old controller may not under-voltage protection, this situation therefore requires particular attention to avoid frequent undervoltage.

3. If you don't ride an electric bike, your battery will discharge, and many bikes will run out of juice within a week or two. Therefore, in order to protect the battery, in the absence of cycling, every week or two weeks to charge, the specific charging interval depends on the battery discharge speed. After going out for a year and a half, no one at home uses a car. In the case of leaving an electric bicycle idle for such a long time, the wiring of the battery pack should be removed, or at least the negative wiring should be removed, so as to slow down the slow discharge of the battery, protective Battery.

4. sometimes the charger broken need to be replaced, in accordance with the original charger of the output parameters to re-buy the charger, do not listen to the advice of others, buy the so-called fast charger. Although the standard charging speed is a little slower, but it is beneficial to protect the life of the battery, often fast charging will speed up the battery scrap. In addition, some chargers have adjustable charging times and can adjust the charging current or voltage to achieve fast, standard and slow charging. Fast charging is not recommended except for emergency vehicles.

5. Don't park your electric bike in a humid environment, especially in a corrosive environment such as a chemical warehouse. Otherwise, metal parts and tires will corrode, rust and be discarded. In addition, also want to avoid long-term insolation as far as possible, this is easy to damage tire and sit pillow.

6, regularly check the brake performance, to prevent the road brake failure caused by traffic accidents. Check the tire damage regularly to prevent accidents caused by tire blowout. Once the door lock and controller appear inflexible, or occasionally malfunction, to carry out maintenance or replacement, safe travel.

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